Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Practice Persistence

Do you have persistence? Persistence is the act of working hard and trying again and again until you achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. The importance of persistence in life is defined as continuing to move on with whatever goal has been planned originally even though an external event or initial losses may have slowed down, or temporarily halt a person while the person is on the way towards achieving their goals.  It requires a person to continue keeping their mental attitude positive no matter what happened.

As long as you persist, you can’t fail!

Consider these benefits of persistence:

  1. You’ll become an expert. Chances are that the first time you try something you might not be good at it. However, once you’ve completed the same task multiple times, you’ll soon become better and better, becoming an expert at the task in the process.
  1. Persistence will motivate you to try harder. When you try and try, you’ll move a little closer to your goal with each attempt. This will help motivate you as it will show that this effort makes a difference.
  1. Persistence is a sign of ambition. Only those who are truly ambitious are able to bring persistence into their daily lives. This is why the most successful people you know are also those who are most persistent.

  1. You’ll set a good example. Whether you’re setting an example for your work colleagues or your children, if they see that you’re not willing to give up when you face adversity, they’ll be more inclined to try harder at their own challenges.

  1. Persistence teaches you the value of success. Being successful takes time and effort. No one ever became successful without making sacrifices and being persistent with their time and efforts.
  1. Persistence gives you vital experience. When you’re persistent, you learn that each failure gives you another opportunity to learn. With each failure, you’ll become more resilient. You’ll also learn how you can overcome any challenge.
  1. You become more aware of your weaknesses. To achieve success at anything, it’s important to understand your weaknesses. When you look at your failures, you’ll discover your faults and learn what you need to work on to become successful.
  1. People judge you on your consistency. When you’re persistent, you also develop consistency. Many people look for this skill, whether in the workplace or in your personal life. They want to know that you’ll work hard to do what needs to be done on a regular basis.
  1. You’ll learn that things that come easy bring little reward. Harder tasks may require a little work and consistency, but they offer much greater rewards. Is it not worth making that little extra effort to achieve greater rewards?

  2. Most importantly, you’ll be able to create the life you desire. With persistence, you’ll be able to sail through life’s setbacks. You’ll seek solutions to overcome your challenges and keep moving forward to build a life that satisfies you.

Persistence is important, as rarely anything worth having in life comes without it. Most often, you’ll have to work for what you want. Being persistent will give you the opportunity to achieve a

George Asonja Esq.

I am a Legal Practitioner, Business Consultant and budding web developer. I have a penchant for productive daily living, process engineering and simplification towards extraordinary accomplishments in business, career and in life.

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