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What Exactly is Business Consulting? Do you really need it?

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Business consulting refers to the  provision of  management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. Business Consultants analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.  As a business owner, it is in your best interest to hire a business consultant when starting out in business or when restructuring your business for maximum productivity.

how our consulting services can help you

Assisting with identifying marketing needs and developing a strategy to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition

Educating and offering resources on information technology, sales and business regulations.

identifying funding and applying for loans and grants to finance the business

Developing a strategic business plan with short- and long-term business goals

Hiring and training practices to bring qualified candidates

What I Can Help You With










Our Approach to Coaching

At George Asonja and Company, we not only prepare you for business, beyond that we also hold your hands through it all, from ideation to full blown implementation of a profitable business.

Need help actualizing your business idea, we are here to help you in planning, implementation, identifying marketing needs and developing the necessary skills for business ownership.


Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach

Get the market data you need fast & take action. Recognised by our clients as being one of the most innovative and reliable market research companies, our expertise is in creating and developing new ideas, measuring customer satisfaction, tracking marketing performance or helping brand owners to know their customers inside out.

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

We set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s structures to market trends and competitive dynamics.

Scale & Maintain Healthy Operations & Culture

Our business process services aim to deliver improved operational efficiency through implementing standardized processes, improving visibility and enabling collaboration. We conduct organisation audit, re-engineer existing processes and strategically implement process restructuring

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

 I provide one-on-one coaching for individuals, groups and organisations. I am also available as a guest speaker at events ans if your event is target at youth and teenager’s development, I’ll speak for free.   

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